Fully Guided Whitetail Hunts in North Central Wisconsin

Sonora Mexico Hunts

Hogsback Ranch now offers hunts in Sonora, Mexico for Desert Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Big Horn Sheep, Javelina, and Goulds Turkey! Sonora is well known for its Mule Deer, Coues Whitetail, and Desert Sheep Hunts. We went on a hunt in 2015 and it was one of the best hunts we have ever been on! With our contacts down in Ole Mexico, we are excited to offer these opportunities to you. We have acquired over 150,000 acres for Giant Mulies and Coues. Over 250,000 acres for Big Horn Sheep! Our guides speak both English and Spanish which will greatly assist you in your pursuit for trophies.

Desert Mule Deer/Coues Whitetail:

Hunting season usually runs from early November thru early February. We use tower trucks, spot and stalk on foot or by horseback. We can also setup on watering holes for bow hunts. Accommodations consist of ranch houses on these leases, outfitter tents in the bush, or homes on the waterfront. It all depends on your preference, physical capabilities, and just where we are seeing the game you are after. These hunts are free range, mulies typically range from 160”-190” with a occasional chance at a true 200”+ giant. Coues whitetail in the 100-130” range are a great possibility.

Day Fee:
Includes: meals, lodging, beverages, field transport (tower truck), guides, guns, ammo, clean and prep trophies, and airport pickup and drop off.
Mule Deer Harvest Fee:
Whitetail (Coues) Harvest Fee: $2300
Javelina: $250

Our deer hunts are 5 day minimum, two deer hunts require 7 day minimum.
• NO KILL NO PAY on any animal. Harvest fee applies for hurt or wounded animals.
• Costs not included are export permit for trophies, taxidermy work, tips, import permits for guns ($300.00).
• High Fence mule deer hunts are also available, prices range from $10,500 up to $25,000.

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Free range bighorn sheep is on a private ranch of over 250,000 acres or high fence ranch over 2500 acres. One is near Puerto Libertad and the other is in Caborca. Hunters can fly into Hermosillo or Tucson. Hunt season runs from early November to end of March. We spot and stalk on foot and/or horseback and high rack trucks. Lodging is ranch houses and/or outfitter tents depending on where the sheep are and hunters capabilities. The hunt is 5 days and package includes lodging, meals, guns, transport, field prep of trophy and proper documentation for transport.

Hunts are $70,000 and are 100% success rate for sheep up to 180” SCI.
High fence hunts are $80,000 for sheep over 180” SCI.

Costs not included: CITIES permit ($1300), import permit for gun, tips, airport pickup and drop-off ($250) in Tucson, AZ.

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