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We have been in business for 16 years, and during that time we have had access to 2 herd/feed consultants. Our business depends on both herd health and size of whitetails both in body and antler size, and with the help of those consultants we have formulated a mineral that not only do I run in my custom feed for my ranch, but I also use in the free range. In my opinion using mineral for your deer is the most crucial cost effect bang for your buck! This mineral will greatly increase your herd's overall health by improving fawning rates, body conditions, and growth but also maximizing your bucks' antler potential. Hogsback Ranch mineral has properly balanced phosphorus and calcium levels.  It is also chelated which means it is more readily absorbed and more efficient for the animal. Flavoring is also added for palatability and aroma for attraction. This mineral has been used by myself and several customers over the past few years. The results are impressive! Give it a try and see for yourself. I recommend putting out 50lbs per year on 80 acres of hunting land.  That seems to work well for me. Put on a stump or make a depression in the ground, work it in the dirt or let the rain naturally seep it into the ground. The deer actually prefer it in the dirt. Most people don’t know that the whitetail consumes dirt for their digestion, but they do! Get it in the ground and put the camera out, you will see the bucks that are working your property, and it is a great scouting tool! Good Luck and Happy hunting!

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